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Join Dave!
You can now find memberships for my music available, on both YouTube and Patreon, for anyone who would like to support me by purchasing a subscription. Both sites offer the same rewards for the price of one beer per month (£6.00...!). Choosing the YouTube link above allows those who subscribe to my channel to support me directly there - however, if you would like to offer a higher level of support, choosing the Patreon link will allow you to enter whatever you would like to pay towards supporting my music.
The Rewards
As for the rewards, firstly, you will be able to watch my YouTube videos before anyone else - I will post the videos privately for members one day before releasing them publicly. I have also had a lot of requests for songs that you would like to hear me play, so, as a reward for members, I will look at any songs that you would like me to cover (in any genre you like!) - and I will do my best to learn them by ear. I aim to record one of these member covers per month... and thank you for your request in the video! On my member feeds, I will be posting audio snippets of various tunes I have learnt to play for fun over the years - I will also be blogging more on these platforms - generally, as my music means more to me than words could ever convey, I prefer to express myself publicly through the music itself. However, because I want those who are directly supporting me in producing my music to get to know me better, I will be sharing more of my thoughts and feelings and what's going on with me for my members, than I would normally share.
Moving Forwards
Moving forwards, there will be an introduction of more membership rewards and possibly further tiers - if you have any suggestions for what you would like to see as a membership reward, please do let me know by sending an email to the Email link above. Thanks for supporting my music. Whether you discovered me recently or have been listening to my music for a long time... it really means the world to have you with me. - Dave