Interior Design & Architectural Photographer
About JB
JACKIE BLAIR IS currently contracted as a commercial photographer for real estate, custom builders, vacation rentals, & interior designers, photographing architecture and creating digital media marketing imagery for products, services, and brands with a passion for travel. More Recently, since 2018, she continued to work independently diving into residential real estate projects, booking a variety of clients as a contract creative. Her clients range from businesses needing product & marketing imagery, Editorial work for interior publishing, to Interior Designers, Airbnb Owners, Custom Home Builders, Contractors, Flippers, and Real Estate agents that work in Residential and Commercial as well as Small businesses with products. Since 2006, Jackie has been hired nationwide and internationally for destination weddings, portraits, as well as design clients. With a Bachelor's (2010) of educational experience in digital media imaging and graphic design, Jackie was wired as a self-made designer in brand identity and a variety of projects for print and web. From a variety of work from an in-house photographer in content creation & social media, (2015) to creating media in field research with photography and aerial in Commercial Real Estate for a DC based data company (2017) and spending time through the years internationally traveling with a passion for giving back through storytelling in photojournalism for non-profits.
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