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About @JackieBlairPhotographer
PRESS LIST on LINKEDin JACKIE BLAIR is a business owner, est. in 2006, booked as a photographer for Interior Designers, Custom home builders, Hotel & Vacation rentals, specializing in photographing architecture and creating digital & film marketing imagery for services, and brands with a passion for travel. In 2022, she established; a sub-brand solely for booking residential real estate listing media, which she has been building since 2017 when she pivoted from corporate, in commercial RE field data research earning her FAA Aerial license. From the beginning she has worked as a photographer, starting the business while in undergrad earning her photo degree in Studio Art: Digital Imaging and as a destination wedding photog through a decade. She has spent years in corporate as the in house media creator online, in brand identity & graphic design, and had the opportunities to give back globally through nonprofits with film photography and storytelling in Nepal & Kenya.
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