Interior Design & Architectural Photographer | Real Estate Media Owner
About @JackieBlairPhotographer
JACKIE BLAIR is currently contracted as a commercial photographer for custom builders, vacation rentals, & interior designers, photographing architecture and creating digital media marketing imagery for products, services, and brands with a passion for travel. In 2023, she established; a brand solely for booking residential real estate listing media, which she has been photographing since 2017. Since 2006, under her original LLC, she has been hired nationwide+internationally for destination wedding clients. With a Bachelor of Arts (2010) of educational experience in digital media imaging + graphic design focus, Jackie was wired as a designer in brand identity and a variety of projects for print, blog and web. From a variety of work as an in-house photographer in content creation & social media, (2015) to creating media in field research with photography + aerial in DC-based Commercial Real Estate data company (2017) and Non-profit photojournalism in Africa(2013)+Asia(2016).
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