Kaye Olfindo
🇵🇭 Bad cop of @weareott
Trigger Happy Mama
Aka Miguel’s wife and Talia & Erin’s mom. I try to document the mundane, the extraordinary, and everything in between for my ever growing collection of memories.
OTT's Bad Cop
I oversee all back-end business of OTT, a boutique production house I co-founded with my husband. Some say I'm an outgoing introvert with a no-nonsense professional culture who lives and breathes the business.
The Sporadic Traveler
Some people think I travel often with the amount of travel content that I post but don't be fooled, I just like to shoot a lot and I end up with so much content in my hard drive . You'll see posts from years ago on my feed (I'm more of Latergram rather than Instagram) and some of my travel essays on