Merlin Sutter
Drummer at progressive rock group Cellar Darling. Co-founder at Klang Machine Music. Licensing Manager at PACE Rights Management. Before that, drummer at Eluveitie from 2005-2012.
Merlin Sutter is a renowned heavy metal drummer and an experienced music industry professional. He is a member of the progressive rock group Cellar Darling, and before that Switzerland's most successful metal band to date, Eluveitie, from 2005 - 2016. At PACE Rights Management, he works to earn writers and rightsholders more licensing income, faster, and more transparently. And as a co-founder of Klang Machine Music, he manages artists and releases records. Throughout his musical journey, Merlin has signed global record deals, featured on 9 albums, topped the charts, and played well over a thousand shows across six continents and 50+ countries. He was instrumental in developing Eluveitie's career from an underground band to a global recording and touring act, has managed artists since 2013, was honoured with a Swiss Music Award (Eluveitie, 2014) and a Progressive Music Award (Cellar Darling, 2019), and is an experienced tour manager and drum tech. He earned his MA in International Music Management with distinction from the University for the Creative Arts. Born in Switzerland, Merlin now lives and works in London, UK.
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