Raw & Sacred Motherhood
with Chata
✨ Emotional Alchemy Coach & Embodied Dance Therapy Facilitation ✨
❤️ Welcome! My name is Chata, i am a intuitive, empath, single-mom. I have a 3 year old, son named Artemis. I am an Emotional Alchemy Coach Women and mamas who are ready to go from SURVIVING to FEELING to THRIVING by taking self-responability of thier emotions and themselves as a CO-CREATOR of thier LIFE. 🌈 If you are ready CULTIVATE more time and energy in your life and/or motherhood journey and create a Life that TURNS YOU ON! ✨🔥 Then you are in the right place! 😁
🌈 My Vision Statement 🌈
With RAW & SACRED MOTHERHOOD i bring awareness to the difficulties and hardships, as well as the beauty and spirituality of our Motherhood journey. With the desire to reawaken each women’s unique Inner-Mothering Wisdom through the embodiment of our emotional and energetic freedom and claiming ourselves as EMOTIONAL ALCHEMISTS so we are able to show up with more LOVE, compassion and presence for ourselves and our child(ren).