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What's web3?
The evolution of the current internet from a centralized to a decentralized core information retrieval system built on blockchain. ownership of your data, privacy, open-source software, shared collaboration, and more importantly; freedom of speech without fearing censorship by a centralized authority. Soon you’ll be able to visit and buy ad space for any of the domains listed below.
Who are these people?
You can see a list of founders with their respective companies. Some of these platforms offer a “free” service. The dilemma is that you are the product of the service. Most tech companies harvest your data and sell it for profit. As a user, you don’t get any financial gain, but what if there was a better way to control what you share on any online platform and split the profit with you?. Vote on issues concerning the service and how it operates?. This is what Web3 is about, restructuring how the internet platforms work by giving users the ability to collaborate, create, monetize and share valuable ideas to build more powerful platforms for the next generation